Parish Groups
   Parish Groups in St. Elizabeth
Knights of Columbus As many other parishes, the Knights have an active  presence in our local churches.  They help in diverse  ways, including a coffee hour after mass each  month.  The Christmas outdoor boards that go up  around town is also sponsored by the Knights.  They  meet usually once a month, the third Wednesday in  the evening, starting at 6:15pm. Catholic Women League of St.  Elizabeth This group of Catholic ladies also help in the parish  in diverse activities such as the yearly Kermess  (Food Sale) and Yard Sale. As well, as hosting a  coffee hour once a month on a regular basis, and  providing paper products for our parish picnic.  They   meet the second saturday of the month at 10am.    Faith Formation Groups There are diverse formation groups n a yearly basis:  RCIA for adults (if there is a quorum), Religious  Education for Children,  the Youth Group,   Confirmation classes for those in high school, bible  studies, and one-time Saturday workshops.   Please call the parish office 208-934-5634  if you’d  like more information about the parish groups. 
Maintenance Committee This committee is a party of one, since officially  there is only one member in the committee (for  Gooding), however there are some other  parishioners who step up and do some other  important maintenance work, such as plowing the  field during the summer to get rid of the weeds. Pastoral Council There is a group of about six parishioners who meet on a monthly basis, on the fourth Tuesday of the  month at 7pm to give counsel and advice to the  local priest in regards to community life. Finance Council There are four active members in the finance  council, all bringing a good expertise from various  fields, to help plan, and guide the parish budget.