List of Basic Requirements for Marriage in the Church  Fill Form A’s (both the bride and the groom) Fill Form C’s (2 witnesses, one for each) Attend any meeting with the priests Provide a copy of both baptismal certificates, with notations  (these should have been expedited no longer than six months) Provide a copy of the First Communion for each Provide a copy of Confirmation Certificates for each Provide a certificate of Marriage Preparation Completion Provide a Copy of Marriage License Contact the Church Choir for music Donation to the Church of  $250 A $100 deposit (refundable if no damages are done). Additional Requirements for Specific Cases: In case of a non-Catholic:  Fill out a dispensation form  In case of already civilly married: Provide marriage license In case of widows: Provide Spouse’s Death Certificate  In Case of annulment:  Provide decree of Nullity by the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal.