Last month we had our first Youth Days in our parish. A total of 21 youths came to this week long event.   These are talented youths and so this time we will share some of their talents. Poem of the Prodigal Son There was once a father Who had 2 sons One of them was alive And the other one was gone The one who was alive stood by his father’s side While the other one was looking in his life for a ride  When he was walking his mind would would think  About how he left his father and his brother that was by his side He grew poor He wanted more Than having swine  He wanted some wine He went to his father, he wanted to forgive So he could once be like he used to live  He went back to hos father to be forgiven His mind was the only thing that kept him driven  His father was happy that he came back home His brother was mad that he left him alone They all made up and had a good chat Then they had a party and ate the calf that was fat.