Gooding, Idaho

St. Elizabeth’s of Hungary Catholic Church

There are many St. Elizabeth’s in the life of the church, but the patron saint for this parish is not as many confuse with St. Elizabeth of Portugal but rather St. Elizabeth of Hungary. The community of St. Elizabeth is located in the city of Gooding, Idaho with a population about 3,500.  The church has three buildings.  The main church is connected to the parish offices and a small social hall upstairs.  Downstairs from the office is located the main parish hall.  The third building is the rectory of St. Elizabeth’s where the priest resides. The community is actively involved in helping those in need by offering a weekly Soup Kitchen, which is run in conjunction with other local churches. The community members are diverse.  There are members from the Basque community, as well as other places. The Hispanic community has a significant presence in this area since it has the largest Sunday mass of the three churches thus far!  There is also a bilingual mass on Thursday well attended.  All are welcome to attend mass at this most culturally diverse church! A church rich in cultural traditions.

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Daily Mass: Tuesdays 8:15am Wednesday 8:15am Thursday 6:40pm Bilingual Sunday Mass:  9 am Sunday  1 pm Sunday             in Spanish
St. Elizabeth’s