Wendell, Idaho

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

The community of St. Anthony has a large influence of the Portuguese members that live in the surrounding areas. The community of St.Anthony is located in the city of Wendell, Idaho with a population about 2,500.  The church building is white from the outside and has a bell, that is rung everytime before mass begins.  There is no rectory for this church, but it has a spacious social hall, where many times there are big social gatherings after mass for fellowship.  The hall is also used every wednesday to provide help by serving a Soup Kitchen. The community members are diverse, but there is a strong presence of the Portuguese.  Many have been raised in the United Sates but have kept their culture and their language.  As proof, one of the readings at mass is proclaimed in Portuguese, and the offertory song is also sung in this language. All are welcome to come to attend mass at this most culturally diverse church! A church rich of Portuguese tradition, as well as other cultural traditions.

 The community of St. Anthony 

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Mass Schedule

Daily Mass: Friday 8:30am Sunday Mass: 11 am Sunday
St. Anthony’s